• Wide range of essential goods

    Together we ensure that each product fulfills your needs and goals, as unique manifestations of brand, mission and values
  • We are pleased to offer you a huge range of durables

    Interiors are the essential settings of life, shaping how people work, play and learn
listening. understanding. evolving.

About Kaston

We are an international trading company specialized in consumer durables. Our mission is to provide products of outstanding quality and value for modern families. KASTON takes time to listen, understand and evolve to fit changing modern needs, always with an emphasis on providing the highest quality homeware, kitchenware, home furniture and accessories, textile and leather products. Every family can trust us with their family budgets - to provide the range, style, quality and value that enable them to run a happy family home.

Durable goods will always be in demand. They help make your home more comfortable and functional. We offer a wide range of essential goods. Someone needs products that will help facilitate household chores, someone needs things that make life more convenient. There are also products that have no practical function but are great home decorations. We are pleased to offer you a huge range of durables.

A summary of our challenges

Customer care priority

Our main goal is to meet the demands of our clients. We are taking into consideration clients' preferences on the way to optimal decision. Your wish is our command!

Competitive prices

One challenge is to evolve strategies of managing the prices of their inputs. Technology advances present companies with opportunities for growth.

Proven high quality goods from reputed manufacturers

You may rely on the quality of goods purchased with us.

Keeping track of each stage of the procurement process

Once you placed an order with us you may sit back and relax, we will hold talks with suppliers and make all arrangements.

Always on top of the latest trends in the market

Consumer goods industry is the favorite child of every nation’s economy. We will save your time on worldwide search of the goods required.